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We, at Rossell Techsys, constantly strive to create capability and capacity, while simultaneously developing a high-performing and involved work culture

When we make a commitment to customer, we fulfill it, irrespective of the investment, even if it is an additional unplanned requirement. For us, it’s not a number game. We believe that credibility builds the revenue figures

Prabhat Kumar Bhagvandas

Rossell Techsys: The Brand Delivering on Promise - The Leaders Globe

Finding a conducive engineering and manufacturing partner that caters to not just the domestic market but which is also a credible brand on the international front is quite a difficult task. However, one brand that has earned this distinction by working with OEMs like Boeing, is Rossell Techsys.

The company was ideated in early 2011 as the Aerospace and Defense division of Rossell India Limited, with the mission to provide global OEMs with quality products and services. The foremost objective of the brand was to deliver products and services on-time and with keen attention to detail. Finesse and Finish, consistent high quality and on-time delivery are the bedrocks of all service offerings from the brand.  Over the decade, Rossell Techsys has grown as a top choice for Overseas clients. It has also extended its presence in the U.S., with a facility in Phoenix, Arizona, and company representatives in Toulouse, France, and teaming agreements with companies in the US and Israel.

It is committed to redefining the “Make-in-India” experience with its expertise in the engineering and manufacture of Electronic Systems, Test Solutions, Electrical Wiring and Interconnect Systems (EWIS), and Aftermarket product support Services. Rossell Techsys’s capabilities include engineering and manufacturing of electrical wiring & interconnect systems (EWIS), electrical panel assemblies (EPA), Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and After Market Product Services. It also provides custom services including engineering solutions for electrical, electronics & avionics system for the global aerospace and defence (A&D) industries.

The Experienced Pioneer

Rossell Techsys is led on this path of excellence under the astute guidance of its CEO, Mr. Prabhat Kumar Bhagvandas. Fondly known as PKB, he ingeniously spearheads all operations within this Rossell division. With a background in electronics and a Master’s Degree in Business Management, PKB’s illustrious career trajectory has spanned over 39 years. During these decades he has helmed several key leadership positions across multiple domains like aerospace & defense, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial automation, and controls and data networking.

He has also held key positions at Vizag Steel, CMC Limited, Portal Player, LVL7, and Broadcom. As a renowned start-up specialist, PKB has initiated various offshore development centers and worked with VC funded, early-stage startup technology companies.

Satiating Compliance Requirements

PKB leads Rossell Techsys by establishing credibility in every aspect of the business. Quality at Rossell is a strategic corporate objective that distinguishes the company from its market competitors and to which all employees are committed. It runs like a common thread throughout- from first interaction with the customer to the end of production and service chain. To guarantee quality on a long term, the company has achieved significant operational management system certifications. The success and recognition earned by the brand are proportional to its dedicated compliance with national and international regulations and standards. Rossell is the only company from India to become a member of ERAI which provides Counterfeit parts identification, management & risk mitigation solutions. It is also a member of RTCA and Vertical Take Off Society (VTOL -formerly American Helicopter Society). It also sponsors multiple supply chain communities for select military platforms.

The company is well- poised to offer tangible benefits to its foreign customers. It has undergone DCMA audits, as well as secured FAA certifications. Rossell boasts several key certifications in the industry including Aerospace Quality Management Systems- AS9100, Quality Management Systems- ISO 9001, Environmental Management Systems- ISO 14001, Occupational Health and Safety Management System- ISO 45001, Information Security Management System- ISO 27001, Ethical Transactions and Anti-Bribery- ISO37001, adherence to framework guidelines for Risk Management- ISO 31000, and few others in the near future.

Markers of Distinction for the Brand

Its state-of-the-art facility in Bengaluru is spread across 2,25,000 square feet which accommodates customer-specific Centers of Excellence (CoE) as well as multiple dedicated labs to enhance the product platform and service offerings given to its global customers. The LEED certified (Gold) building is also a testament to Rossell’s commitment to sustainability and the environment. It has a “go- green” drive in place to conserve the environment under which it has adopted many green initiatives and sustainability practices. It is one of the very few manufacturing companies to have obtained the ISO 27001 certification for Data Security and Integrity. The ethos of risk mitigation & management, and its NIST 8001-171 Cybersecurity compliant IT Infrastructure gives Rossell an enhanced edge in the global landscape and enables the company to meet the unique requirements of the aerospace industry.

Rossell Techsys is a Tier1 supplier of aerospace components to global aerospace OEMs like Boeing and Lockheed Martin for multiple aircraft platforms. In its exciting journey of continuous growth, it has received multiple awards. It is the only Indian manufacturing company to have been awarded the   ‘Boeing Supplier of the Year ‘ twice in 5 years (2015 and 2019). It is also the recipient of the Boeing Performance Excellence Award (BPEA), multiple times over the years that it has been performing work for Boeing.

It also earned the unique honour of the only company in India to receive Supplier Excellence Award from the then American Helicopter Society (now Vertical Flight Society), in the year 2018. In addition, the company has more than 20 awards to its credit, including the Best company in Aerospace and Defense by the International Aerospace Magazine SAP Media Worldwide, and Manufacturer of the Year Award by World HRD Congress, to name a few. It has also received recognition from companies like EXPLEO, France, and industry bodies such as SIATI, ASSOCHAM demonstrating its commitment to Quality.

A Vibrant Work Environment

Rossell Techsys prides itself on the quality of its work environment and personnel. By prioritizing capabilities over credentials, the brand has successfully curated a vibrant and engaged workforce. Equality is the bedrock of the Rossell work ethic. Rossell is committed to invest in each employee’s professional growth through in- house trainings and providing support for higher learning and self-development.

 As part of its CSR activities, Rossell Techsys has contributed significantly towards skill development for job creation in India, by partnering with Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) as part of the Government of India “Skill India” initiative under the NEEM (National Employment Enhancement Mission) program. It is determined to improve the employment opportunities of socially vulnerable by enhancing their employability skills and invest in the “Skill India” initiative of the government. It also contributes to various NGOs who perform yeoman service to the socially unprotected, including contributing to better education, healthcare, and sanitation needs.

A Dazzling Future

The firm has strategically planned out its future course of expansion. By the end of the next 10 years, the dream is to be a 2000 crore company, with a global footprint by making inroads into the geographies of Europe, Middle East (EMEA), and Australasia. The company under the visionary leadership is looking very aggressively at various options at its disposal, organic as well as inorganic.

Rossell Techsys has embarked on its Business Excellence journey in 2021, towards building operational excellence which aims at improvements and efficiency to sustain competitive advantage. This business excellence journey is slated to be complete when all phases are implemented and it has its own Operating System in place- The Rossell Operating System for Excellence (ROSE), in the year 2025.

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