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Fresh imprints in aerospace and defense industry

Rishab Gupta is the Director of Rossell India Limited and takes personal interest in Rossell Techsys, the Aerospace & Defense division of Rossell India Ltd., in Bengaluru. With an  empathetic & vibrant approach, he has championed the growth of the unit into a successful integrated engineering & manufacturing entity

Rishab studied Business Marketing from Suffolk University, Massachusetts, USA. He had been quite keen from the very beginning to pursue his passion for aviation. Along with taking care of his father’s tea business, he visualized a business in the Aerospace and Defense sector, offering benchmark quality and unique value. Establishing Rossell Techsys in 2011, he began working to set the Rossell brand synonymous with quality in the field of aerospace manufacturing.

Accomplishing multiple goals

Rishab’s passion and pioneering vision set him on the path to accomplish new challenges. Once he established the company, he embarked on his mission to set up a highly skilled team to help him achieve his goals. The journey started with appointing a CEO who could meet his criteria of having a similar passion and zest to bring about innovations in the aviation business. Together with the CEO, he had envisioned achieving the first decade milestone of INR 150 – 160 crore revenue by the turn of 2021. Thanks to the dedicated teamwork and excellent management skills, the target was accomplished sooner than estimated- in the year 2020. He has now embarked on a high growth journey that includes expanding Rossell’s global footprint in the USA, Europe and in some countries in the East. With so much on the anvil, the company aims to attain revenue of INR 2000 crore, by the turn of the next decade.

On an upward curve

With humble beginnings in a small nondescript building of 4,000 sq. ft., Rossell Techsys today has its office spread across 2,25,000 square feet. Efficiently continuing his exhilarating and truly gratifying journey, he looks forward to upholding the faith of his customers by working harder on his business. The company is never focused on commercials. It is always “finish and finesse” built on quality and in turn reinforcing credibility. He is a firm believer that credibility is the backbone for any successful business, the cornerstone for building higher value for customers and eventually tangible gains for shareholders.

Building a better tomorrow

Besides accomplishing one business objective after another, Rishab ensures that they are in sync with nature and society. He believes that businesses need to be more responsible in how they treat the world, environment, resources and people. With the ‘Go Green’ initiative, the company instills awareness on conserving the environment. The company has been awarded the IGBC certification with the ‘Gold’ rating for its commitment to creating futuristic workspaces. Under the ‘Skill India’ program, the organization looks to strengthen employment in the region. By ensuring gender balance and work opportunities for the differently abled, the enterprise efficiently furthers its policy of inclusion. Apart from these initiatives, he has taken steps in the direction of welfare of the economically weaker sections of the society by tying up with NGOs to render healthcare services and education to the needy.

Awards and achievements

M Rishab’s leadership skills and his drive for excellence have been recognized on many occasions. While he always knew his efforts would pay off, he may not have expected them to come together in such a huge way. He and his team were delighted to receive ‘the Boeing Supplier of the Year’ Award twice in 5 years. This makes them the only Indian company to have received this award, not once, but twice.

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