Coming Together

Rossell Techsys has been characterized by its reputation of performing services to the highest levels of quality, time, cost, safety, sustainability and affordability. It relentlessly pursues continuous improvement of processes, competencies, infrastructure, people practices, relationships and more. In the pursuit of setting benchmarks in the industry it actively collaborates with companies willing to partner with the same commitment to excellence and to create a robust eco-system of engineering and manufacture, to provide an exceptional performance and experience for its valued customers. The goal is to create long-term, structured, and mutually beneficial relationships to deliver such benchmark levels of experience through “first time right” delivery, ensuring zero delays, zero defects and zero variation in committed cost. This collaboration includes, raw material suppliers, mechanical part manufacturers, including sheet metal, precision machining, surface finish, tool manufacturers, environmental test laboratories, non-destructive test laboratories, NABL certified entities, and other custom specific expertise, as needed. All partners are required to align with the Rossell Quality Processes for sub-tiers.

If you are a company with any of the capabilities listed, and are willing to collaborate and join the Rossell Techsys Eco-System of Partners, please connect with us at rossell@rosselltechsys.com

Registered suppliers may access the required documents (link).

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