Electronics Assemblies​

Expertise in design, development, engineering, prototyping, testing, integration, installation, commissioning, repair, upgrades and maintenance till end of life, for electronic systems. This includes hardware, software, firmware, systems engineering and more. Specialisation in building custom assemblies for data acquisition and control, power management, signal conditioning interfaces and high-fidelity processing, instrumentation, control systems, communication systems, avionic systems, electronic systems. It has been delivering solutions to bespoke needs for single board, mezzanine board, chassis based, using standard or custom physical format up to 24 layers, rigid, semi- rigid or flexible PCBs, with stand-alone or integrated enclosures meeting a variety of standards. Micro-processors, Micro-controllers, with integrated peripherals, FPGAs, are extensively used. To complete the portfolio of capability, environment testing, systems qualifications and certifications, including safety of flight tests (SOFT) are performed. Third-party ecosystem partner companies are utilized for PCB manufacture and assembly and realization of mechanical parts under company supervision.

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