Electrical wiring interconnection system (EWIS)​

Comprehensive in-house expertise in wire harness solutions, including engineering and manufacturing, with a wide variety and complexity of power, RF, control, data, signal harnesses and more. In- depth expertise in 3D modelling and 2D rendering of the harnesses. Capabilities include flexible, semi-rigid, moulded, machine braided EWIS assemblies and sub-assemblies and speciality products such as wire ropes. Expertise also includes Fiber Optic harnesses, mixed harnesses, electrical panel assemblies, such as cockpit panels, dashboards, light panels, junction boxes, power distribution boxes, break out boxes, integration with different types of electrical components inline such as relays, switches, buttons, solenoids, PCB’s, active and passive components. EWIS services are provided to more than 25+ rotary and fixed wing military platforms, commercial platforms, weapon systems, avionics, land systems, marine systems and space systems. The company also provides EWIS installations at customer designated onsite locations, on need.

Wire Harness

Fiber Optics

Expertise in the design and manufacture of Fiber optics harnesses complement the expertise in electrical harnesses. The 2000 sft state of the art Fiber optic lab is equipped with the very best of engineering, manufacturing, and test equipment. Equipment includes. Fiber Optic Cable Cutting with Pre-feeder, Cable Stripping, Epoxy Preparation, De-gassing and dispensing, Crimping, Polishing, End face verification, Geometry Inspection, Insertion and Return Loss Testing.  Fiber optic harnesses are fully complying with IEC, TIA, EIA, Telcordia GR 326, MIL 29504, 28876, ARINC 801, TFOCA (tactical FO’s) Standards, Single Fiber, Harsh Environment Connectors, Expanded Beam Fiber Connectors, Multi-Fiber Connectors, Single and Multi-Mode Fiber optics harnesses.
Fiber Optics
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