Ever since its inception a decade ago, Rossell Techsys has evolved from a green field entity to a company that now serves global OEMs in the aerospace and defence sector. Rossell Techsys offers services in the areas of Electrical Wiring and Interconnect Systems (EWIS), Electrical Panel Assemblies (EPAs), Automatic Test Equipment (ATEs), Electronic Systems, and Systems Integration. Now the company is actively pursuing both organic and inorganic growth initiatives and aiming to expand its range of services globally and making forays into other adjacent domains as well. In an interview with Aeromag, Prabhat Bhagvandas, Global Chief Executive Officer, Rossell Techsys, reveals the company’s latest operations and future plans.

Prabhat Bhagvandas
Global Chief Executive Officer
Rossell Techsys

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Rossell Techsys Redefines Aerospace & Defence Innovation

Could you give us an overview of Rossell Techsys and major milestones achieved so far?

Rossell Techsys was formed in 2011 and in a span of 13 years has undergone remarkable transformation from the ground up, evolving from a green field entity to a company that now serves global OEMs such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, IAI, BAE, Thales, IAF, HAL, BEL and more. Rossell’s journey of excellence, spanning more than a decade, is marked by significant milestones, supported by a long list of operational certifications that include AS9100, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO27001, ISO37001, ISO17025, and NADCAP AC 7121. The company is CEMILAC certified, ISO31000 and NIST SP 800-171 compliant and awaiting certification for CMMC V2.0. On the anvil are three other certifications, including AS9110, PAR21 / PAR145. Rossell also has a AS9100 certified subsidiary established in the US to support state side customers. The company operates from an IGBC GOLD rated facility sprawling 2,25,000 sq ft in Devanahalli, Bangalore, and has more than 650 associates globally. It is the winner of more than 20+ awards, including two prestigious Supplier of the Year awards from Boeing. Rossell has also established a DSIR-certified Research and Development Unit focused on advancing A&D specific R&D activity.

Can you tell us about your range of products and services in the Aerospace and Defence sector?

Rossell Techsys is a custom engineering and manufacturing services entity which offers services in the areas of Electrical Wiring and Interconnect Systems (EWIS), Electrical Panel Assemblies (EPAs), Automatic Test Equipment (ATEs), Electronic Systems and Systems Integration and aftermarket support of electrical products, including alternate sourcing, reverse engineering and obsolescence management.

How do you associate with Defence PSUs and support India’s Defence indigenisation drive?

Due to the nature of sourcing from Defense PSUs and GoI entities, all participation is in the form of bids in response to Request for Proposals (RFPs). Rossell Techsys has successfully delivered solutions to various Defence PSUs, GoI organisations and DRDO labs, and also provided multiple solutions aligned with our core competencies to the likes of ADA, NAL, IAF, BEL, HAL and many more.

Could you elaborate on your company’s R&D and manufacturing facilities and quality standards?

Rossell Techsys has a state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore. In line with the company’s commitment to a green environment, our manufacturing operations are all green and paperless. We have has established a benchmark in our quality levels over the last 13 years, meticulously maintaining GOLD / SILVER ratings or below 500 PPM quality levels in all products delivered till date. Rossell takes pride in having supplied more than 1,75,000 units globally over the last 13 years, a testimony to the high levels of standards established by the company. Driving the manufacturing and quality operations is an A&D specific ERP / MRP from 3Ds, duly customised to Rossell manufacturing practices. The hallmark of Rossell quality lies in video traceability, meticulous tracking of the manufacturing process, from raw material to finished goods. VisualFAIR is used for all First Article Inspected items (FAI). The final acceptance for a significant number of products is delegated by customers to Rossell Techsys’s Quality Control staff members, underscoring the trust and confidence in the high standards that Rossell Techsys maintains. A plethora of tools and automation is used for ensuring highest levels of quality, from India, for the world.

How strong are your foreign collaborations and export operations?

Rossell Techsys lays emphasis on foreign collaborations as one of the ways for global expansion. The company has, thus, established teaming agreements with companies that are synergetic to work with. These partnerships are built on a foundation of absolute trust and sound ethical principles fostering mutually beneficial relationships. Rossell has teaming agreements with partners in the US and in Israel. It is continuously and proactively engaged in the pursuit of more such synergetic partnerships in other geographies as well.

You associate with academic institutes for learning and development content, realisation of automation and robotics designs. Could you talk more about it?

Rossell Techsys has established its own Rossell School of Learning (RSL). It also collaborates with academic partners such as NTTF to offer courses ranging from diploma to post diploma specialisation. Further, as part of its Diversity and Inclusivity (D&I) drive, Rossell has forged partnerships with different polytechnic institutes. This collaboration involves inclusion of individuals with physical disabilities, and from economically marginalised communities, as an integral part of our mainstream hires. On the automation front, Rossell Techsys has established its own information systems team that drives the vision, including bots. The information systems team works with various third-party service providers to tap into niche skill required for home-grown automation / customisation.

What are your immediate goals and expansion plans?

Future plans, being strategic, are normally kept confidential and announced only when they materialise. However, Rossell Techsys is actively pursuing both organic and inorganic growth initiatives, not confined to the Indian market. Rossell aims to expand its range of services globally and also make forays into other adjacent domains as well. Rossell India limited, of which Rossell Techsys is a division, is on the verge of demerger. Upon completion of the demerger, the Rossell Techsys division will be a separate company. This event is expected to occur in 2024.

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