Working At Rossell Techsys

At Rossell Techsys, Employee Empowerment is a top priority and employees get ample opportunities to directly engage with visiting customers as part of their development and growth. In the organization, every role is not just valued, but also designed with specific importance.

We offer remuneration that aligns with individual capability, capacity, attitude, and commitment. Employees are encouraged to pursue skill development programs in a planned manner to enhance their skills and align with our organizational objectives. The company provides support to help the employees equip themselves with higher skills and achieve their professional goals.


Employee Benefits​​

Employment policies are meant to nurture and maintain a happy, motivated and committed workforce. The primary aim is for employees to look forward to coming to work every day. A plethora of benefits is not merely a box-ticking exercise; instead, they are thoughtfully designed to go over and beyond statutory requirements, reflecting our commitment to employee happiness, well-being, and professional growth. This makes Rossell Techsys an exceptional place to build a rewarding and truly gratifying career. A few of the benefits are:
  • Fully air-conditioned, cutting-edge, state of the art facilities, with ample “personal space” that is an instant “wow” with all customers.
  • A vibrant work environment that fosters active participation in building a connected and inclusive community. A staff welfare committee supports regular employee engagement activities. Monthly events, celebrating successes and achievements, annual outings, quarterly team get-togethers, specific day celebrations- designed to infuse enjoyment and maintain high levels of motivation among employees.
  • Subsidized transport facilities, with convenient options to make commuting hassle-free and cost-effective.
  • In-house cafeteria, that provides company sponsored breakfast and subsidized meals, with snack kiosks.
  • Comprehensive group medical Insurance for self and immediate family, for peace of mind and support during medical emergencies, including maternity support.
  • Accident Insurance to cover safety of employees, inside and outside the workplace.
  • Work-Life Balance is a key aspect of the workplace ethos. This commitment is reinforced by a five-day work week, flexible work timings where feasible, and the option for work from home, allowing employees to take care of their personal obligations, as well as upholding their professional responsibilities.
  • The company supports employees to pursue higher academic and knowledge-based endeavours that align with the organizational objectives on an ongoing basis. Such pursuits are to be planned and approved prior to initiating such learning.
  • Employee leave policies are empathetic and include mandatory annual vacation, time-off during sickness, bereavement leave, maternity, and paternity leave, support during various life events as well as contributions to social causes such as blood camps and disaster relief.
  • Statutory benefits include various forms of financial security for employees’ future. This includes provident fund contributions, gratuity benefits to secure their long term financial well-being.

Current Opportunities​​

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